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Ernesto came from Nicaragua to join Costa Rica Recovery in May of 2022.

Laura aka Plethora of Bliss

I was not a willing participant when I first came into rehab. When I arrived at CRR I was a ball of pain and anger. My counsellor described me as a wounded tiger, trusting no one, and when people approached me to help, I would lash out. After some time and being met with kindness, I realized that I was finding relief through the program. CRR literally saved my life and I continue to learn and grow in recovery. Today I’m happy, joyous and free. I wouldn’t be here without their help.

A Little Ditty About Recovery at CRR

One of our guests wrote this song about his experience with learning life-affirming tools and techniques while in Costa Rica Recovery. It’s a #1 hit on our pop charts!

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I no longer had dreams except drinking

My life was in absolute void that I continuously tried to fill with a bottle. I had tried getting sober once before and was told it would get worse if I went back. At the time, like many before me, I couldn’t see how that was possible. It definitely got worse for not only did my literal drinking get worse, but lost my self completely. I no longer had dreams or aspirations to be or do anything besides drinking. I had gone from a boy full of dreams of being successful to facing living on the streets and “having a plan” to do so and be fine with it.

Adam D
Former Patient 2016

I Was On A Path Of Self-Destruction

Thank You!! I would like to celebrate my sobriety, and birthday by saying thank you to Andrea Lázaro, that without your patience, understanding, and LOVE my story would or could have been not as pleasant. To Jim Dopp at the Costa Rica Recovery Center, and the staff that attended to me, helped to brainwash me into living clean and loving life and all its ups and downs. Tomorrow I celebrate second chances, people who care for others with illnesses like the one I suffered. I truly would not be able to celebrate them without these precious people and organizations. Thank you for my 5th year, and I celebrate my 50th year with you.

Sergio S
Former Patient

My Son Was A Patient

My 24 yer old son was a patient at Costa Rica Recovery in 2017. His life prior to CRR was sad to say the least. Rarely showed up for family gatherings. Lost 2 amazing girlfriends. He was hiding from emotional pain. From the first contact I had with CRR, I was treated with kindness, direction, guidance, reassurance, & knowledge. This was not easy for me to send my son (1) to rehab (2) to a foreign country. My son has pep in his step for the first time in a long long time!!! He’s honest, focused, healthy, & happy! We look forward to a long healthy life of ups & downs but nothing that can’t be handled SOBER!! Would I recommend Costa Rica Recovery? Yes!!!! A million times over! CRR gave my son the gift of clarity, soberness, peace, the ability to face the root of the problem & confidence . THANK YOU ALL!!!!


My Life Has Done A Complete 180

After many attempts at rehab, I found that Costa Rica Recovery’s sound approach at treatment with a tough love philosophy was what i really needed in order to get started on this life long journey a day at a time.

Arturo G

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