Our mission at Costa Rica Recovery is to help initiate and sustain holistic recovery in the lives of individuals, families, and communities affected by alcoholism, drug dependency, and related conditions. Our program is designed to treat each guest with unparalleled care and kindness.


Jim Dopp, the founder of Costa Rica Recovery Center, came to Costa Rica in 2002 to help train staff at a long-standing Spanish-speaking treatment center in the use and application of the Minnesota Model of Treatment. After leaving the facility after several years, he was asked by members of an English-speaking recovery support group if he would start an English-speaking 12-step based program in Costa Rica.

They offered substantial financial assistance for the first year.

Jim recognized Costa Rica, unlike many developing countries, was safe and had an established system for licensing and certifying drug and alcohol treatment. He was the Director of the facility that brought Costa Rica membership in the IC&RC (International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium) that had been established to ensure international standards for addiction counselors.

In addition to the low cost-of-living, the cost of establishing and maintaining a full-service addiction treatment center is substantially less than in the United States and European countries.

Furthermore, Jim believes that profit should not be the guiding force of a drug and alcohol treatment program. Costa Rica seemed then, and has since proven to be, an almost ideal place to get clean and sober and begin the journey on the road to recovery.

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With the commitment and financial support of a group of concerned business people and community leaders, the development of Costa Rica Recovery Center began in 2006 treating addicts and alcoholics. Jim brought with him a unique knowledge of addiction treatment which has its roots based in the well-established Minnesota Model.

Jim’s vision included integrating Costa Rica Recovery as closely as practicable with the well established recovery community. Our present facility is close to both Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous (AA/NA) groups, and clients are expected to attend meetings daily as an integral part of their treatment process.

We recognize that addiction is a chronic condition. For this reason, our facility is open to those seeking help, whether for primary treatment or for those already in long-term recovery experiencing unusual stress and needing extra support to “weather the storm”.

Individuals in recovery are welcomed to take in a class here and there, join a group working on a problem specific to them, or just stop by to have a bite to eat.

As part of our history and community outlook, we encourage addiction professionals from other countries to visit us, to share our common experiences, and to help one another improve.

Prospective clients and their families are also encouraged to visit us, tour our facility, and get answers to questions and concerns. Costa Rica Recovery has been helping addicts and alcoholics break the destructive cycle of addiction since 2006 and because of the beauty of Costa Rica, many clients decide to stay on and continue in our Sober Living facility.

How Our Costa Rica Rehab Provides Drug And Alcohol Treatment

Our compassionate and experienced addiction recovery team utilizes a powerful holistic healing model of energy work, evidence-based psychotherapy, and the 12 step philosophy. Through this model, unparalleled compassion and individual curation is given to each of our guests. We see addiction as a no-fault disease and welcome every person without judgment. We believe that recovery is possible through complete abstinence, creating a support network, education, group work, the release of stuck energy and mistaken beliefs, mental health wellness, and the 12-Step philosophy.

Working with each guest individual, we create personalized and unique treatment plans which help clients address specific recovery obstacles and concerns.

Our treatment allows guests to work with therapists through many forms of psychological treatment—including CBT, DBT and ACT.

We enhance the results of therapy by offering many other resources to build a strong foundation for lasting recovery. These resources include individual and group counseling, stress reduction, anger management, mindfulness, meditation, adventure therapy throughout Costa Rica, wilderness therapy, salt water therapy, coping skills training, relapse prevention, addiction education and many more.

We welcome all types of clients struggling with addiction—including those who want to detox in Costa Rica and those who are worried their sobriety is at risk and need extra support. Believing that recovery takes time, we encourage clients to stay with us for 90 days so they have the freedom to address their addictions in-depth without rushing the process. 

In addition to providing a wealth of treatment resources, Costa Rica Recovery offers many amenities to enhance your experience and improve results. Specifically, we will provide you with a clean living environment to help keep your mind clear. Our in-house chef also provides healthy, fresh meals to nourish your body. And you’ll have access to fitness and mental wellness resources that will help you relax and recharge all within the amazingly beautiful natural environment of San Jose. 

If you’re concerned about saving money on addiction rehab, Costa Rica Recovery is a top provider to consider. Compared to what luxury addiction treatment centers in the United States charge, our Costa Rica rehab center can be enjoyed for only a quarter of the price. And if you’re a veteran exploring addiction recovery in Costa Rica, VA programs are available to further reduce the cost of in-patient rehabilitation.

Why Choose Costa Rica Recovery?

Testimonials for Our Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Costa Rica

This has been one of the most positive experiences in my life. I had been through rehab before, I left sober, but I never left feeling better. What initially stood out to me most was the compassion, spread out by everyone in the building. This is a place of joy and healing. You can hear the laughter and feel the energy when you enter, and it stays with you when you leave.

Minnesota ~ Justin K.,Veteran

Costa Rica Recovery helped save my life. It is a scary thing to check into rehab and CRR made this very comfortable for me and soon it felt like home. The atmosphere is very relaxed but at the same time you really get a ton of knowledge and learn the tools you need to stay clean and sober. They provide fun day trips to cool places like the beach, volcanoes and awesome hikes. Between the gym, yoga and awesome food you really start to feel healthy again in no time. I owe the amazing life that I have today to this place!

~Jennifer S.

Costa Rica Recovery SAVED MY LIFE!!! Amazing experience, especially getting out of the United states and going to one of the most beautiful countries ever. A lot of people think “what?? Going to treatment in another country??” Well, it is completely different than what anyone can imagine, in a good way. It is such a peaceful and nice vibe. Staff was great, the food was out of this world, and the program used to treat addiction is by the far the best program ever. I was given all the knowledge and help I needed to recover from addiction from everyone at CRR.

~Danny E.
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Costa Rica Recovery is licensed by the Ministerio de Salud (Ministry of Health) and certified as a treatment center for alcoholism and drug addiction by the Instituto Sobre Alcoholismo y Farmacodependencia.

These government organizations have high standards and inspect facilities often.

Costa Rica is a member of the International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium (IC & RC), ensuring that requirements for counselor certification are similar to those of Boards in other jurisdictions, including the United States.

Costa Rica Recovery is certified by Instituto Sobre Alcoholismo y Farmacodependencia, known as IAFA.

The United States Veterans Administration has accepted claims for treatment in Costa Rica after pre-treatment approval.

Many providers of overseas insurance coverage will pre-certify coverage for treatment at Costa Rica Recovery.

If you are unsure whether or not your insurance policy will cover substance treatment costs in Costa Rica, send us an email and we will assist in helping you through the pre-certification process.

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