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healing and freedom from active addiction.

What makes us unique?

Our integrative healing program is designed to treat the mind, body, and spirit through a powerful trifecta of evidenced-based psychotherapy, holistic energy work, and 12-step programs. We prioritize love, acceptance, and fun rather than restriction and condemnation.


We are a 30 day program that is so helpful, you'll want to stay longer

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Best Alcohol & Drug Rehab Center

Clients from 68 countries

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Ernesto from Nicaragua

May 2022

what to expect:

Healing. Rest. Adventure. Revelations. Insights. Education. Nutrition. Fun.

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    We have a proven track record of success. One visit to our in-patient residential drug and alcohol treatment center and you will see the bright eyes and happy smiles of the people whose lives have been changed as a result of our high-quality integrated holistic treatment model which is changing the industry one life at a time.

    Healing through a powerful trifecta of evidenced-based psychotherapy, holistic energy work and 12-step programs.

    Discover how to have fun and fulfillment in recovery.

    Prioritize yourself with the help of our highly-trained staff, a community of like-minded people in recovery and reconnect with loved ones with confidence.

    Gain powerful tools to build and maintain confidence that your new life and freedom will not result in relapse

    Why is our Costa Rica Recovery treatment center the best choice of international treatment center?

    Affordable and easily accessible

    Time and space away from triggers
    Caring and compassionate team



    Testimonial for Costa Rica Recovery

    Inspiring guests from 68 countries

    This has been one of the most positive experiences in my life. I had been through rehab before, I left sober, but I never left feeling better. What initially stood out to me most was the compassion, spread out by everyone in the building. This is a place of joy and healing. You can hear the laughter and feel the energy when you enter, and it stays with you when you leave.

    Minnesota ~ Justin K.,Veteran

    Costa Rica Recovery helped save my life. It is a scary thing to check into rehab and CRR made this very comfortable for me and soon it felt like home. The atmosphere is very relaxed but at the same time you really get a ton of knowledge and learn the tools you need to stay clean and sober. They provide fun day trips to cool places like the beach, volcanoes and awesome hikes. Between the gym, yoga and awesome food you really start to feel healthy again in no time. I owe the amazing life that I have today to this place!

    ~Jennifer S.

    Costa Rica Recovery SAVED MY LIFE!!! Amazing experience, especially getting out of the United states and going to one of the most beautiful countries ever. A lot of people think “what?? Going to treatment in another country??” Well, it is completely different than what anyone can imagine, in a good way. It is such a peaceful and nice vibe. Staff was great, the food was out of this world, and the program used to treat addiction is by the far the best program ever. I was given all the knowledge and help I needed to recover from addiction from everyone at CRR.

    ~Danny E.

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    The foundation of our program is healing holistically through energy work, evidence-based psychotherapy, and the 12-step philosophy.
    Our program works to build sustainable recovery, peace, freedom and joy. Our care team is fluent in English and Spanish. 
    You’re not alone. We are here to help. 

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